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Sergio Toporek is an experienced designer, artist, documentarist, activist and educator.

Sergio has designed visual communications for renowned celebrities such as Luis Miguel, Maná, Fey, Café Tacuba and Celine Dion, and was invited to be part of the blue ribbon committee at the Latin Grammy Awards. He has worked with companies such as Yamaha, Sony, Atlantic Records, Warner Music, Bank of Montreal, Apple and Motorola.


A passionate and committed educator, Sergio has been a teacher and lecturer at academic institutions in Mexico, Canada and the USA. During his 14 years at the Vancouver Film School, he was honoured with multiple Best Course awards.


In July 2016, after 8 years writing, directing and animating, Sergio released his documentary Beware of Images. A fascinating exploration regarding the history, regulation and social effects of mediated representation, the film premiered to sold-out crowds at the Vancouver Film Centre. It was also screened at multiple academic forums such as the Oxford Brookes University and the American Public Health Association, and was the recipient of the STEM award for Most Educational Film at the Seattle Transmedia and Independent Film Festival. In July 2018 the film was made available for free through a Creative Commons license.


Sergio is currently residing in Spain where he taught at the Marbella Design Academy and launched Moghoul, a brand that strives to avoid absolutes and promote the beauty born from nuance and ambiguity. Through an expanding collection of curated art, Moghoul celebrates the sublime and the absurd, it rejects everything in order to embrace it all. 

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